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Spriters HQ is a group founded on May 31st 2013 by JPG (JPGOfficialHD). It consist of 20+ members who's main priority is to make Sprite Animations or Sprites itself. SHQ is mainly based on Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Characters but occasionally use LSWI Fan Characters, (also known as Dragonball Z Fan Characters). Spriters HQ is the lesser strict than other Sprite Animation Groups, but just as talented and enthusiastic. It is run by Silvxs12 (A.K.A Charlie Brown YouTube wise) who is the President. Second in charge is Coolsonicman, the Vice President.

Spriters HQ

Spriters HQ (Spriters HeadQuarters) is a team of sprite animators who work together to deliver sprite animations to either Youtube, deviantART, or Newgrounds. They were founded on May 31st 2013. They normally meet up on Skype and create group chats. The easiest way to notice a member of the Spriters HQ is by their iconic SHQ with two stars on both sides.        

Spriters HQ's members:

(The President) Coolsonicman (TJ0001)CSM

(The Vice President) Silvxs12/ Charlie Brown

(The Echidog) JohnTheEchidhog

(The Best) JJSwiftProductions

(Twin 1) OmegaMario3757

(Twin 2) HeatWaveLucas

(The Pat) PatVX1

(The Kind Hearted) Stealthfirehedgehog

(The Inferno) Shadowkiller1011

(The First Member) TheShadowSpear2

(The One Who Wears a Spedo) Spenothehegdhog

(The Blitz) FlameBurstAnimations

(The Colt) Mitsuko Akihiro

(The Kiid) TheRegularGuysXD

(The Trolling Idiot) mariofreak2009


Spriters HQ's main logo.

Latest activity

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